• In appreciation for your outstanding contributions and devotion to our community. (81 Characters)
  • Your gracious good will and generous spirit made possible our success. We are very thankful for your many contributions and for all that you have taught us in the process. (171 characters)


In Memory Of

  • In Memory of ________ For his years of dedication to the insurance industry and his commitment to the Western New York Community. (Business name) 2021 (127 characters, not including name & business name)
  • We remember __________ He exemplified a spirit of professionalism and dedication to the development and growth of our business. (Business name) 2021 (123 characters, not including name & business name)
  • This award of gratitude is presented in Memory of _____ who for many years gave totally of himself which includes love, dedication, and loyalty to _____. His Friendship will be missed but not forgotten. (142 characters, not including name & business name)
  • In Memory of _____ whose legend will continue to live on in this event as a tribute to an outstanding community leader. (114 characters, not including name)



  • In recognition of the quality leadership you have demonstrated. Your untiring efforts are greatly appreciated. (110 characters)
  • Your extraordinary effort and dedicated commitment to the principles of growth and expansion through dynamic leadership has enriched each and every one of us. (158 characters)
  • We applaud your leadership, courage and fortitude. Your contribution has been a glowing example for all to see and admire as you have set a new standard for excellence. (168 characters)
  • For your exemplary leadership and innovation developing the model for the Future Parent Center. (69 characters, not including business name)
  • We will always remember your leadership and the fine example you have set for others to follow. (95 characters)



  • Complete is our journey with you. Enriched are we for having had the pleasure of working with you and sharing each success. Happy Retirement. (141 characters)
  • In appreciation for your many years of loyalty and commitment. Best wishes in your future endeavors. (100 characters)
  • Retirement is a time to look forward, yet we look back at your many accomplishments with pride and admiration. Thank you for a job truly well done. (147 characters)


Service And Support

  • With this award of gratitude goes our best wishes and heartfelt thanks for your continuous support & untiring dedication to our community. (138 characters)
  • May you continue to feel the pride of knowing you are very much loved and truly respected for your outstanding contributions to our community. (142 characters)
  • In recognition for your outstanding service. Your alertness and concern for your fellow man has set a fine example for others to follow. You will always be remembered. (167 characters)
  • With special thanks for your 10 years of professionalism and commitment. (70 characters, excluding number)
  • We salute you for serving the Buffalo Community for so many years and helping to improve the quality of life for all people. (124 characters)


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